We are a team of young entrepreneurs dedicated to develop social and corporate events and experiences with a strong focus on food and drinks. We visualize and manage the logistics of our projects step by step, analyzing alternatives and paying attention to every detail, producing our events from start to finish. We are restless, meticulous, and we are constantly searching for new adventures, respecting our surroundings and taking care of the environment.


Co-founder, chef and general producer of events and experiences. 

Born in 1989 in Buenos Aires, he spent his childhood between the countryside and the city.

At the age of 18 he started cooking and focused on the food and drinks industry. He studied at the IAG and, at the same time, interned in restaurants such as Tegui by Germán Martitegui and Sucre by Fernando Trocca. After graduating, Menéndez contacted Francis Mallmann -who was his inspiration as a chef- and worked under his instructions for 8 years in which he participated in projects such as cooking classes, seasonal restaurants and television programs.

After 3 years, Menéndez became Mallmann's right-hand man, taking care of private events in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, San Francisco, Hong Kong, London and Paris.

In 2015, Menéndez moved to Miami to become the chef de cuisine at the Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann restaurant at the Faena Hotel. After an opening to rave reviews and incredible 3 years of work, he left Miami to move back to Buenos Aires and start his own projects.

Today he is the co-founder and chef of Grupo EMME, where he specializes in outdoor fire cooking and in the production of events and experiences inserted in nature in a conscious and sustainable way.


Co-founder and general producer of tents and structure 

Born in Buenos Aires in 1992, Marcos is passionate about extreme sports, adventure and travel.

His love for nature led him to study Agricultural Science and then Naturalist Interpretation. In parallel, he started working at the age of 18. He trained and marketed polo horses with Cría Meta, did administrative and carpentry tasks at Las Marinas -a company dedicated to the development of nautical ports, docks and decks-, was Sales Assistant at Grupo Peñaflor and Sales Manager at the startup Rappi. 

At the end of 2017, Marcos decided to partner with Cristian Menéndez to develop a new project together: a full-service event and experience production company specialized in productions that are inserted in nature in a sustainable way. This is how EMME was born.


Co-founder and Sound & Lighting General Producer

He was born on September 3, 1990, in Buenos Aires. During his childhood and teenage years, he attended San Miguel Arcángel Waldorf School where, together with his family of artists, he built a strong musical foundation.

He graduated in 2013 as a Technician in Music Production Applied to Audiovisual Media at the Universidad Católica Argentina. He began his work experience in 2011 at Casa Babel Producciones as a recording technician and continued at Romaphonics, Palmera Records and Lectoramas. In 2015 he produced pop, rock and funk bands, advertising campaigns and short audiovisual films on his own, and together with friends he founded Estudio 969, focused on sound design. Contemporary to his freelance stage, he started his career as a dj and produced private and public events, he found his inclination for live audio and decided to specialize in that area. In 2017 he worked at Clair Brothers, a global sound company with which he traveled around Argentina, Uruguay and Australia, installing and operating high quality audio systems in concerts, festivals and renowned venues.

In 2019 he moved to Australia, he was part of the staff of important entertainment companies such as JPJ Audio, Clair Brothers Australia, Bump Productions and Encore, where he worked as a live band and dj technician, and trained in lighting, vision and streaming.

In 2021 he moved back to Argentina and joined PEGSA Group, which provides content to TV channels such as ESPN, Disney, Fox and Star Channel, as a sound editor. He is currently partner at EMME, where he continues developing his audiovisual passion producing social and corporate experiences and events.